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We are currently seeking creative lab technitian, graduate students and postdocs that are passionate for science and innately curious. Our lab offers a wonderful opportunity to work in a collaborative, inspiring and fun environment, while learning about one of the most fascinating biological structures in nature: our brain. Please, contact Naiara at aquizun [at] if interested.

Graduate student position

As passionate scientists, it is our goal to contribute to the foundation of future generations of bright and devoted scientists conveying both, our knowledge, as well as enthusiasm for the beauty of the scientific research. Thus, we are continuously seeking to recruit motivated students and to introduce them to the fields of neurosciences, genetics and cellular biology that are intermingled in our everyday research work.

Students in our lab choose to work in any of our multiple ongoing projects, and as they get proficient organizing, planning, and executing their experiments we encourage them to be creative and test new scientifically relevant ideas that they may have. Most projects involve aspects of modeling with pluripotent stem cells, neuronal culture and engraftments in mouse brain, mouse models, high throughput DNA/RNA sequencing, microscopy, metabolomics and proteomics. 

Students receive training to improve their technical skills in our experimental systems, but also to improve their critical scientific reading and writing as well as oral presentation skills. We discuss about our results and research articles that we find interesting in everyday basis and in lab meetings, and we encourage students to attend and present their work in at least one relevant meeting per year. Likewise, students actively participate in preparing and submitting research articles to scientific journals and preparing successful grant applications.

If you are a student in a PhD, MD/PhD and VMD/PhD program and our lab sounds like a good fit for your career development, contact Naiara (aquizun [at] to set up a time to meet. We have multiple exciting rotation projects!

Some rotation projects:

-To develop strategies to engraft human neural cell into mouse cortex with the goal to:

  1. Study disease mechanisms of neurological disorders that are poorly reproduced in mouse models.
  2. Test cell replacement therapies for neurodegenerative disorders. 

-To establish in vitro pluripotent stem cell diferentiation to upper motoneuron models to study motoneuron diseases.
-To analyze AMPD2 isoform specific functions... and many more! 

Postdoctoral position

Postdoctoral fellows in our lab will find multiple opportunities to develop as scientists while enjoying their research.

Postdocs in our lab choose to work in two of our ongoing projects (read more) and are strongly encouraged to develop, in parallel, at least one new project that they may be interested in following up in their future scientific careers. Fellows are trained as required in research areas and experimental approaches that we work on but we welcome any expertise that they bring to the lab specially related with mouse brain surgery, behavioral studies, electrophysiology, RNA and protein biology and computational biology.

In addition to the lab work, fellows in our lab are expected to improve their writing and presentation skills, by preparing grants, scientific articles, and poster and oral presentations. They are encouraged to attend and present their work in scientifically relevant meetings and expected to participate in our weekly fun labmeetings which altogether contribute to the achievement of career developmental goals.

The strategic location of our lab within Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania offers multiple resources for additional career development and support that significantly complement research training. And I am sure you will also enjoy Philly!

If you recently obtained an MD or PhD (or equivalent) degree less than a year ago and are interested in pursuing a postdoctoral study in our lab please send 1) a cover letter 2) your CV and 3) name and contact information of three references to Naiara Akizu at aquizun [at]