03-18-2020 Our lab has just shout down to support social distancing and flatten the curve during the pandemic. But we will keep making progress!

02-26-2020 Congratulations to Yijing that has received a NAF postdoctoral fellowship!!!

02-13-2020 Thank you to Margaret Q Landerberger research foundation for the support to our project!!!

01-01-2020 Welcome to Heidi and Amanda that have joined our lab for their rotation

11-19-2019 Thank you to CHOP for selecting our Junior Faculty Pilot program, contributed by Joe Zhou, for funding

09-01-2019 Welcome to Sarah and Rose that have joined our lab for their rotation

07-08-2019 Welcome to Carolina Garcia-Diaz that has decided to join our lab as a graduate student! 

06-04-2019 Welcome to Daniel Chow that has joined our lab for a his highschool summer research project

06-04-2019 Welcome to Coral Alicea that has joined our lab for a SUIP

05-25-2019 Welcome to Kelsey Walsh that has joined our lab as an undergrad!

04-15-2019 Congratulations to Hiab Teshome that has been selected for a Spring 2019 Pincus-Magaziner Family Undergraduate Research and Travel Fund!

04-01-2019 Laura Ohl has joined our lab! She is the first graduate joining our lab! Welcome!

01-22-2019 Thank you to Roberts Rapid Grant at CHOP for their support to our project!

09-04-2018 Welcome to Mara and Melissa that have joined our lab for their rotation

06-04-2018 Welcome to Yohaniz and Chris that have just joined our lab

06-04-2018 Welcome to Laura Ohl that has joined our lab for her rotation

05-04-2018 Thank you to Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC) at CHOP and Penn for their support! 

05-02-2018 Welcome to Garret Otrimski that has just accepted our offer to join us as a research assistant!

02-26-2018 Welcome to Yijing Zhou that has joined our lab as a postdoc! We are excited to working with you!

01-02-2018 Thank you to National Ataxia Foundation for the NAF Young Investigator Award!

12-28-2017 Congrats to Marco that has received an IBRO postdoctoral fellowship to join our lab! We are looking forward to working with him!

09-01-2017 Welcome to Melanie Schaffler that has joined our lab for her rotation!

06-19-2017 Welcome to Satch Baker that has joined our lab for his summer research project!

06-05-2017 Welcome to our undergrad students, Donna Yoo, Susmita Roy and Samantha Ratakonda!

04-01-2017 Welcome to Katelyn Sweeney that has joined our lab for her rotation!

02-15-2017 We sectioned some brains in our brand new vibratome!

02-13-2017 Welcome Akanksha!

01-01-2017 Our lab is on board! Laura has already done a great job equipping the lab with basic instruments and organizing the space.