12-01-2020 We are excited to welcome Vanessa that has joined our lab for her PhD! 

11-03-2020 Very happy to see our contribution to the Zika virus NS5 protein role in microcephally published in Cell Stem Cell. Thank you to Murielle, Elisa and Nuria for giving us the opportunity to be part of this beautiful work! Looking forward to multiple future collaborations!

09-01-2020 Welcome Vanessa that has joined the lab for her rotation.

07-01-2020 Welcome Jocasta that has virtually joined the lab for her summer undergraduate internship

05-25-2020 We are back in the lab, and full of energy to get into the last steps of several of our projects.

05-25-2020 Congratulations to Caro and Laura that have passed their candidacy exams!

03-18-2020 Our lab has just shout down to support social distancing and flatten the curve during the pandemic. But we will keep making progress!

02-26-2020 Congratulations to Yijing that has received a NAF postdoctoral fellowship!!!

02-13-2020 Thank you to Margaret Q Landerberger research foundation for the support to our project!!!

01-01-2020 Welcome to Heidi and Amanda that have joined our lab for their rotation

11-19-2019 Thank you to CHOP for selecting our Junior Faculty Pilot program, contributed by Joe Zhou, for funding

09-01-2019 Welcome to Sarah and Rose that have joined our lab for their rotation

07-08-2019 Welcome to Carolina Garcia-Diaz that has decided to join our lab as a graduate student! 

06-04-2019 Welcome to Daniel Chow that has joined our lab for a his highschool summer research project

06-04-2019 Welcome to Coral Alicea that has joined our lab for a SUIP

05-25-2019 Welcome to Kelsey Walsh that has joined our lab as an undergrad!

04-15-2019 Congratulations to Hiab Teshome that has been selected for a Spring 2019 Pincus-Magaziner Family Undergraduate Research and Travel Fund!

04-01-2019 Laura Ohl has joined our lab! She is the first graduate joining our lab! Welcome!

01-22-2019 Thank you to Roberts Rapid Grant at CHOP for their support to our project!

09-04-2018 Welcome to Mara and Melissa that have joined our lab for their rotation

06-04-2018 Welcome to Yohaniz and Chris that have just joined our lab

06-04-2018 Welcome to Laura Ohl that has joined our lab for her rotation

05-04-2018 Thank you to Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC) at CHOP and Penn for their support! 

05-02-2018 Welcome to Garret Otrimski that has just accepted our offer to join us as a research assistant!

02-26-2018 Welcome to Yijing Zhou that has joined our lab as a postdoc! We are excited to working with you!

01-02-2018 Thank you to National Ataxia Foundation for the NAF Young Investigator Award!

12-28-2017 Congrats to Marco that has received an IBRO postdoctoral fellowship to join our lab! We are looking forward to working with him!

09-01-2017 Welcome to Melanie Schaffler that has joined our lab for her rotation!

06-19-2017 Welcome to Satch Baker that has joined our lab for his summer research project!

06-05-2017 Welcome to our undergrad students, Donna Yoo, Susmita Roy and Samantha Ratakonda!

04-01-2017 Welcome to Katelyn Sweeney that has joined our lab for her rotation!

02-15-2017 We sectioned some brains in our brand new vibratome!

02-13-2017 Welcome Akanksha!

01-01-2017 Our lab is on board! Laura has already done a great job equipping the lab with basic instruments and organizing the space.